Film and photography are changing.. to see how download our media production.pdf here.PHOTOGRAPHY_AT_DOFILM_files/iPad_media_production.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0
We take our photography like we take our film, personally. From events to corporate portraits, each needs it’s own approach and every budget is different, we’ll match them all to give you the images to often exceed what you may have felt was possible. We aim to deliver within 24-48hrs if not quicker, we know you want to see the images just as much as we do. So, we’ll put them online for you and send you a link to download. If downloading really isn’t an option we’ll use a reusable pen drive. If you think that sounds like recycling, you’d be right and we hope you don’t mind.

Of course sometimes you’d like a print to hang on the wall so that you can point at it, and say how good it is. For those occasions we’ll print your photographs and we think if it’s a good enough print to buy, it should be good enough to show, so each of our prints is printed on archive paper to exhibition standards.

Photographic projects range from weddings to yacht interiors, at home and internationally we’re happy to discuss every option, and even a few you may not have though of.

Our style is documentary. This means less of the formal, more of the moment.