If you’re a company or individual keen to promote sustainable products or practices, I’d like DOfilm to help. Please give me a call to discuss how we can show the sustainable revolution as it happens.


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There’s a sustainable revolution coming and not before time. DOfilm are happy to be a part of it. It’s not complicated, we just can’t keep using the resources around us. That’s not sustainable.

Film and photography is not sustainable. It’s not even close. Most shoots require travel, energy, computers and a great deal of time for minutes worth of output. That doesn’t come cheap on the energy front.

But, DOfilm are one of the few production companies that have committed to The Prince’s Mayday Network and we’re consciously reducing our carbon footprint. More than that, we’re consciously reducing the carbon footprint of our clients by including simple sustainable options for production within pitches, quotes and every day operations.

We film using more energy efficient cameras which require less, if any, artificial light. We shoot with smaller crews, less transport, we even deliver media on reusable pen drives, use ‘cloud’ storage and if we have to use packaging, it’s minimal and sustainable. Most importantly we’re attempting to offset every air mile travelled and if we drive, we’ll use a local community Streetcar. Editors are not required in the office, reducing their need to travel and many work on laptops rather than desktops, reducing energy requirements further.

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I’ve begun a journey to reduce the companies impact and already I’ve discovered it’s easier than I thought.

With that in mind I’m working towards moving the bulk of our production to companies that have also shown a willingness to move towards a sustainable future. Solely providing a film and photography service to them, using our expertise in production to better convey their message.

Whatever you do... we DOfilm... 
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