We specialise in producing TV which gives you what you want, at the budget you’d planned. The production levels can exactly match your output and your brief. We’ll take you through every stage if you need us to. From script writing to pre production... through to finalising for the broadcast, internet, iPad or mobile. You tell us what you’d like, and at what price, we’ll deliver it to your ‘door’.

Video clients range from the NHS to Oracle Racing, Network Rail to Eurosport. From pre recorded to live. At home and internationally, we’re happy to discuss every option and even a few you may not have thought of. 

We’ll price your brief or tell you what’s possible within you budget just as soon as you ask us to.

The clips opposite should give you some idea of the clients we’ve been involved with be it production, filming or voiceover.

Finally, we encourage all of our clients to think a little more environmentally. This might include offsetting a flight, not producing DVD’s where a viral internet campaign might be better even to the point of offering reduced rates to those offering sustainable solutions in their own field.

We’re happy to have been included in the Princes Mayday Network which both monitors and guides companies who’ve shown real determination to reduce their own carbon footprint and that of their clients.
Film and photography are changing.. to see how download our media production.pdf here.VIDEO_AT_DOFILM_files/iPad_media_production.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0