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We like to talk at DOfilm, a call can answer all your questions and save your fingers all that typing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

+44 7899 795161
DOfilm is a small media production company based in Kew, London. If we were big we couldn’t do what we do because what we do is bespoke. If your media project calls for one person, that’s what you’ll get. If your project needs 10, we’ll sort that too. By supplying only what you need, we keep production costs to a minimum.

We specialise in producing film and media which gives you what you want, at the budget you’d planned, preferring to work with companies who’ve committed to a sustainable future. Our production levels can exactly match your output and your brief. We’ll take you through every stage if you need us to. From pre production... through to finalising for the internet or print. You tell us what you’d like, and at what price, we’ll deliver it to your ‘door’.

People we’ve worked with range from the NHS to Eurosport, from BMW Oracle to Moët Hennessy. From pre recorded to live, at home and internationally, we’re happy to discuss every option, and even a few you may not have thought of.

We don’t want to be big, not least of all because big generally means ‘detached’. We stay in touch with our customers and know them personally. We feel this not only gets us more invites at Christmas, but also means we understand their needs better. Matching what’s possible within your budget, with what you’d like to see on the screen, big or small.

From corporate to sports, instructional to documentary, we DOfilm.

Oh.. and please join Hugh’s ‘Fish Fight’ !

Phill Williams